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Casino Entertainment Is It!

People go to casino destinations for a variety of reasons.

Star-filled entertainment is a promotional technique used to promote and attract customers to a casino. Casinos attract patrons by using five types of acts or entertainment. These types are headline, reviews and musicals, boxing, comics and lounge acts.

Headline acts are big name personalities. Many gamblers and no-gamblers would like to see headliners perform and, therefore, they visit the casino.

The marketing strategy is to use these individuals as lost-leaders to attract customers.

Reviews and musicals are another type of entertainment enjoyed by casino patrons. Some of the mega-casinos have been able to hire outstanding Broadway reviews to perform in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Many individuals who would not have ordinarily been able to attend the review now would have a chance within a casino environment.

Casino management once again uses these attractions to obtain new gambling clients when they come to watch the review.

Another huge entertainment in many large casinos is boxing. The very nature of boxing is gambling. Casino entrepreneurs have capitalized on this desire and now hold large boxing matches, especially championship matches, in casino convention centers and parking lots. Huge crowds attend these matches.

They usually visit the casinos before and after the boxing events.

Comics such as Bill Cosby, Buddy Hackett, George Burns, David Brenner, The Comedy Stop, and George Carlin are excellent casino entertainment. Some comics are also headliners, while others are young talents waiting to be discovered.

Notwithstanding their popularity, comics provide an invaluable portion of entertainment in the casino industry.

The last type of entertainment used as a promotional activity in casinos are lounge acts. Usually, these acts are local talent. The acts may include singers, pianists, and comedians. Lounge acts keep the casino alive into the wee hours of the mornings.

Sometimes these acts are discovered and become stars.

Many of the aforementioned types of entertainment have to be booked at least five months in advance. The faces and names of the entertainment are usually advertised on billboards on the highways before you reach the casinos.

Also, the casinos use in-house advertisement. The acts serve as an effective method of promoting the casino.

Interestingly, most of the entertainment provided in casinos are given to high-rollers free. Ticket prices can vary from twenty dollars for a review to one thousand dollars for a ringside world championship boxing match.

Casinos and entertainment is show business. People will pay for it in one way, or another.

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