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Huge Donation from Charitable CasinoMate

CasinoMate makes big-hearted donation to The Topsy Foundation on World AIDS Day.

Vegas Partner Lounge (VPL) casinos has a great tradition of charitable deeds, including helping relief organizations in areas such as earthquake-devastated Haiti. This month, it is the turn of aids charity, The Topsy Foundation,

This November, CasinoMate, part of VPL's stable, set aside 25% of each wager placed by players on video slots Adventure Palace and Avalon. Encouraged by the casino, players took part in their thousands.

The result, boosted by CasinoMate's own coffers, is a life-changing $20000 donation, given to The Topsy Foundation on World AIDS Day, December 1.

Since 2000, The Topsy Foundation has fought the spread of HIV and AIDS, focusing particularly on affected children. The Foundation says AIDS is a "huge epidemic disease that is in need of an equivalent response."

In addition, the Foundation also strives to help impoverished communities to build basic infrastructure and facilities to improve living conditions for future generations.

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