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Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott: Britain's Best Pro

Dave Ulliott is a son of a truck driver and he started playing since the age of sixteen. He had been employed in several jobs and played cash games on a part-time basis, where he often wins. During the 90's, no one wants to compete with him anymore because he always wins, so he relocated to Las Vegas with an objective to play in the pro poker circuit.

Known as 'Devilfish', Ulliott is famous for having a confident, classy and suave look with a touch of arrogance on the side; needless to say, 'Devilfish' has the achievements to back it all up. As of 2003, he has accumulated more than $ 1.3 million. And as of 2005, he has an estimated profit, from the tournaments, of more than $ 3 million.

Ulliott is probably the most famous British pro poker player in the circuit. As the initial edition of Poker Player Magazine, which was launched in October of 2005, Ulliott ranked 9th place in the Top 10 Poker Legends List. He was previously dubbed 'Dave the Clock' because used a grandfather clock once as a buy-in to one of the games he entered in England. Ulliott got the name 'Devilfish' after winning against Men Nguyen in a major tournament in 1997.

Many believe that Ulliott holds the title of the Best Pot-Limit Omaha Hold'em Player of the World. Facts can back the claims of his fans starting with his championship title at the 1997 World Series of Poker in the Pot-Limit Omaha event. Ulliott won 2nd pace five times in a row on the same event and since 1997, he finished over 35 times in the pot. The Jack Binion World Poker Open made Ulliott $ 600,000 richer, after winning at the No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament.

Dave Ulliott admires the performance and sportsmanship of many of his pro poker colleagues such as Phil Helmut Jr., Johnny Chan, Howard Lederer, Annie Duke and Erik Seidel. He also admires several European pro players such as Marcel Luske and Ram 'Crazy Horse' Vaswani.

During tournaments, Ulliott has also spoken and campaigned against smoking. He likes drinking beer and enjoys music so much. His musical inclination includes playing the piano and guitar, and he is friends with Roland Gift who is the vocalist of the band Fine Young Cannibals. Ulliott lives in Hull, England with his family; wife and seven kids. He also manages his own website,

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