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Germany, Greece and Spain Experience Online Gambling Changes

Recently, Germany, Greece and Spain have experienced some significant online gambling regulation changes and developments.

In Germany, all of the German states that are part of the current national treaty on internet gambling are faced with a problem because their treaty expires at the end of the year.  While two of the German states have decided to pursue their own EC (European Commission) approved online gambling system, the remaining states are now scrambling to put together a new online gambling proposal, as the EC rejected their last one and time is running out.

As for Greece, its government is impatiently waiting for its plan for state controlled gambling to come into affect so it can generate some of the money it had promised to raise.  A report that was filed by the Greek betting Monopoly OPAP states that its board has approved the proposal made by the government.  Under the proposal terms, OPAP will pay €935 million to the government.  €474 million will be immediately paid and the rest will be paid two years after the permits are activated.

Finally, in Spain, the Spanish National Gambling Commission has issued a list of officially accredited companies that are permitted to provide certification and approval to those who apply for online gambling licenses.  On this list are the companies Spain 2 TestLabs BMM and NMI Metrology & Gaming Limited.  The release of this list follows the approval of the Ministerial Order by the Spanish Parliament, which established the technical requirements necessary for the stipulation of online gambling activities applicants must adhere to before being granted a license.

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