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New York Moves Closer to Online Casino Legalization

A bill that would overturn the gambling ban in New York state is to be voted on soon.

On February 3, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo submitted a bill to the Senate and House of Representatives that would essentially legalize gambling in the state.

His bid, which would see New York following in the steps of Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania by altering the existing ban, will be voted on soon, but could take up to two years to be implemented.

Mr Cuomo is keen to see the state take advantage of the millions of dollars of tax revenues potentially generated by legalization of gambling and Blackjack casinos online.

Reportedly, certain parties are unhappy that potential casino locations have not been named. Mr Cuomo insists these details can be finalized at a later stage.

With millions of tourists and a large wealthy population, New York could become a premier gambling destination. Although the state does currently have small tribal casinos and an aqueduct casino, it will take legalization to generate significant tax revenues.

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