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Real Vegas Casino Facebook Launch

The new multi-player games application on Facebook offers a selection of games including blackjack, roulette, Texas hold‘em and video slots. Entertainment Inc has launched the innovative and free Real Vegas Casino application on Facebook, which allows players to play its titles for free before purchasing virtual Facebook credits.

A statment from the firm read, "Since all payouts are in virtual currency and cannot be redeemed for cash, this business model is legal in most countries including the United States."

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the company,” said Jake Kalpakian, President and Chief Executive Officer for Entertainment.

Real Vegas Casino boasts an incredible 1,080p high-definition user interface that highlights and emphasizes social multi-player games.

“We strongly believe the strength and quality of our gaming platform allows us to build the most entertaining games found in the rapidly growing and lucrative social gaming space," said Kalpakian. Entertainment has extensive plans to expand its product offering by ‘building additional targeted niche games that are currently not widely accessible on the social networks’.

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